IN ITALY is the exclusive distributor for Marilu' Moda Positano in New Zealand. Email us at or call 027 30 48 325 for look-book and info.

Elegance and folly, sophistication and simplicity, natural fabrics and refined cuts, variegated colors, embroideries and white laces.

A cotton thread which tie the desire of being elegant to the wish of being unique, walking on the beach, along a hot summer day or in a romantic evening.

It all began in the early seventies, in a small store which years before was a boat storage. Here, a charming 20 years old girl, enchanted by colors and by swish cuts which in those years were in flux, began to realize a new style, different and unusual for that times.

Large volumes, new shapes and colors dyed with “natural effects”, all accompanied by a clever use of lace, to create an unprecedented harmony, elegance and refinement.

Email us at or call 027 30 48 325 for look-book and info.

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