Antica Murrina Venezia

Murano Glass Necklace Savage Red - Antica Murrina Venezia


Each jewel by Antica Murrina Venezia is a unique piece, individual handcrafted by expert Glass Masters in Venice.

Antica Murrina Venezia Jewels represent the synergy between modern design and new creative styles in respect of the ancient glass working techniques.

The metal parts, stainless steel 316 L galvanized metal, are all certified by the producer in compliance with European Regulation REACH.

All materials are hypoallergenic and all the glass parts are made with authentic Murano Glass canes.


Disc beads with a striped effect with bright mineral (only in the rope and light blue colors). Glass beads with shiny and polished effect. Beads with spiral color effect and with satin circle color motifs.

Components: small stone elements. Rhodium galvanized metal alloy chain and elements.

Lenght: 48/52,5 cm

Handcrafted in Italy according to the ancient techniques of the Murano glass masters


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