Antica Murrina Venezia

Murano Glass Collier Necklace Sandy G Champagne- Antica Murrina Venezia


This delicate choker owes its finesse to the careful selection of beads used for its realization. All handcrafted by the expert hand of our master glassmakers, offer us a look at one of the most fascinating techniques of glass processing. Flat and round pearls that embellish the jewel with the presence of a thin 24kt gold leaf inside the glass, or with the use of brilliant minerals that make them similar to precious stones.

Elegant and casual at the same time, an accessory with which to stand out from the crowd.

Components in stainless steel and galvanized metal.

Length: 53 – 58 cm

Handcrafted in Italy according to the ancient techniques of the Murano glass masters


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