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IN ITALY is the I Pupi  Wholesale representative in New Zealand.
Email us at simona@initaly.co.nz or call 027 30 48 325 for look-book and info.

The brand Idea was born in the early 2000s by two young brothers, Marcello and Francesco Casella, in love with their brigth Sicily and its traditions.

The passion for fashion and the entrepreneurial geniality gave birth to a new Sicilian brand and the idea to print a cotton fabric with the Sicilian PUPI was immediately a winner choice.

The fabric pattern represents the main point of the design and the particular meaning behind these figures became a story to tell.

The pattern has four figures that have an historical interpretation enclosed in the Sicilian culture of the early 1800s. The PUPO (Italian singular of PUPI) represents the man who defends HIS BELOVED using the SHIELD that is the symbol of courage. The beloved reciprocates this heroic gesture with a KISS that is the symbol of passion.

Everyone admires the style of the print, the elegance of the models and nowadays I Pupi collection is a fashion icon of MADE IN ITALY

High quality Italian materials and the exclusive Sicilian style characterize all I PUPI products.

The products are realized with a cotton fabric high resolution printed, covered by several layers of PVC to be highly resistant, rain proof and easy to clean. All the metal elements are in brass and subject to a careful quality control. The finest Italian Saffiano leather is expertly used to enhance the design and makes it unique.

In the I PUPI collection, every product takes its name from a character of the popular PUPPET OPERA.