Megan Sparkle Black - SMB


Meghan Midi Sparkle is the SMB bag in crepe fabric for a sparkling look. Ideal for special occasions, capable of making your outfit unique. The bag features the precious detail of the SMB logo in relief. Meghan has a concealed magnetic button closure and a bio plastic chain shoulder strap. It has a practical inside pocket.

240x170x80 m



VITA is the eco-friendly techno fabric made out of regenerated Nylon, created by transforming waste material into new and fashionable textiles for fashion. 
Sustainable, lightweight, resistant and cruelty-free. VITA means life.

Details in BIO PLASTIC

The SMB collection features logo and chains made out of bio-based polymer which contains 99% renewable resources, reducing significantly the impact of CO2 emissions. We select certified suppliers following the “NaturaL” program of innovative sustainability and meeting the “B Impact Assessment” standards. 





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